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NAAFIServing the Services
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  • Future Retail Strategy

    Future Retail Strategy

    14th March 2013

    Things are changing down at the NAAFI

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    Holidays are coming ...

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    Who ate all the pies?

    27th November 2012

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Future Retail Strategy

14th March 2013

Future Retail Strategy

NAAFI has outlined its future retail strategy following the recent announcement by the Defence Secretary, Philip Hammond, on the rebasing and exit of the British Army from Germany.

Sixth Sense spoke to John Goddard, NAAFI’s Head of Operational Support, who said: “Due to the reduction in troop numbers that we have already experienced in Germany, and looking ahead to the next five years, we have had to make some big decisions on what our shops will look like and what ranges they will offer in the future.”

The planning started late last year and has involved consultation with the military chain of command both in Whitehall and in Germany.

”Unfortunately we have been unable to make any formal announcements prior to getting the approval of our military partners” John said, “but we recognise that there have been rumours circulating and now is the time to clarify things for our customers.”

Historically NAAFI has offered a broad range of non-food categories in its larger outlets, and in particular within the five Max shops. With sales space of over 20,000 sq.ft., these locations have sold everything from books to washing machines, candles to TVs, and much more.

John added, “Unfortunately we have found it increasingly difficult to sell many of these products without making a loss, as more people use the Internet or the many shops in the local High Street. In Germany our customers have the choice of visiting large German shops, including electrical specialists like Media Markt and Saturn, and also the other shops ‘inside the wire’ within our own BFG community, such as SSVC and the PRI’s. We recognise that our customers have less disposable income following reductions in LOA together with the uncertainty over job security, so we have seen a general decline in sales of ‘luxury’ items.”

“It has become apparent that we can no longer offer the breadth of range in our non-food categories and have therefore made the decision to reduce in size these areas of our shops.”

“We will, however, continue to carry a core range across many of these categories, recognising that some of these are uniquely British and are not always easy to buy in the local market. We will still stock greetings cards, stationery, kitchen wares, candles, military accessories, toys and more, but on a much smaller scale than we have in the past. We will exit the high value audio/visual categories, like TVs and laptops, and also large domestic appliances such as fridges, washing machines and tumble dryers. We also intend to stop selling music CDs, DVDs and games software, as these are readily available from Amazon and other internet sellers. As the move into downloading these products from the internet picks up speed we anticipate a steep decline in demand for these items.”

“Notwithstanding everything I’ve said, we still see lots of great opportunities to improve our shops. We have discussed with our military partners the opportunity to offer space in our shops to SSVC who are specialist retailers of audio/visual products and domestic appliances, and by offering them space in our large shops we will bring their offer alongside ours, under one roof.”

“We will continue to improve our food ranges and look to bring in more familiar UK High Street brands. Unfortunately we have lost the Tesco branded goods from our shelves but we have recently added over 500 new products to our fresh foods and grocery ranges. We have more Costa Coffee Forums and Costa self-service offers coming in the next few months along with more Gregg’s hot food counters, and we will be improving many of our shops as we do more refreshes and refurbishments. We are also in discussion with another big UK retailer about selling their products, so watch this space!”

“The changes you will see over the coming weeks and months will put us in a great position to give our customers great service in Germany until the last person leaves.”