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    NAAFI's Sterling Offers

    2nd October 2014

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    10 years of PAYD

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  • JB's Summer Menu Launch

    JB's Summer Menu Launch

    19th May 2014

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    Boots is here...

    4th September 2013

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    10th June 2013

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    Future Retail Strategy

    14th March 2013

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    ABF - The Soldiers' Charity

    1st February 2013

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    NAAFI members awarded

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    South Atlantic Welfare Cheque

    29th November 2012

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    Holidays are coming ...

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  • Who ate all the pies?

    Who ate all the pies?

    27th November 2012

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JB's Summer Menu Launch

19th May 2014

JB's Summer Menu Launch

NAAFI has launched a new lunch and dinner offer in all its JB’s restaurants across Germany. This is the first change since the October launch of their lunch menu and pricing initiatives last year and sees some great new dishes introduced alongside many of the popular favourites from the winter menu.

Speaking to Sixth Sense, John Goddard, NAAFI’s Head of Operational Support, said, “We have had great feedback from our customers since we launched our new menu and pricing initiatives in JB’s last October. Building on that success, we have completely reviewed the dinner menu and developed some great new dishes with a summer flavour.”

Menu development was carried out in Germany several months ago by the NAAFI team, consulting closely with their counterparts in HQ BFG and HQ 1 (UK) Armoured Division.

John added, “We now do all our menu development in Germany, at our HQ office and in the ‘test kitchen’ at JB’s, both in Rochdale Barracks. Over three days our central Food & Beverage team and Executive Chefs build the framework for the new 28 day menu cycle. This involves identifying the winners from the current offer and creating the new dishes on paper, prior to actually producing the food in a test environment. A tasting panel are then invited along to JB’s to sample and give feedback on the new dishes; I’m lucky enough to be on that panel.”

Point of sale materials have also seen some further development and NAAFI are close to launching a new suite of pictorial PoS containing key nutritional information.

John said. “We have been collaborating closely with Major Faulkner, SO2 Log Sp (Svcs) at HQ 1 (UK) Armd Div, and his team to develop our point of sale to include the calorific content of our meals and also the key nutritional data, such as salt, fat and sugar content. This is about providing the soldiers and civilians who eat in our restaurants with the necessary information to enable them to make their meal choices with a full understanding of what they are eating. There will also be a traffic light indicator on these values which follows the Food Standards Agency guidelines.”

Nick Spencer, NAAFI’s Head of Food & Beverage said, “It has been great to receive such an enthusiastic response to our winter menu and it is important that we continue to get feedback, good and bad, on our menu choices and also on the quality of food being produced at the hotplate. Building the database for the nutritional content has been a complex piece of work but we are nearly there now and we think that what we will deliver will be well received.”

NAAFI’s lunch and dinner menus offer a choice of several main courses, including a salad bar and baguette offer, plus a starter and several desserts. For lunch the MOD 90 holder can have a choice of any two courses plus a drink for €1.83. The equivalent for non-entitled civilians and contractors is €3.75. At dinner there is a three course meal available to MOD 90 holders for €2.35 and to everyone else for €3.85.

John added, “I think it’s safe to say that our JB’s offer has been a resounding success but NAAFI will continue to improve the offer and aim to consistently deliver great quality and healthy food at an outstanding price. If you haven’t tried it, you don’t know what you’re missing.”