COVID-19 Policy

Coronavirus (COVID-19) update Sept 2021

We have all been living with COVID-19 restrictions for almost 18 months now and whilst restrictions are easing and travel has become easier in many locations across the world, the virus still exists, so it is still vital that we maintain adherence to strict hygiene to limit the spread.

At NAAFI our focus remains on maintaining the safety of anyone visiting or working in our outlets or benefiting from our services. We continue to work with each host country and local Command in all our locations to ensure that our services are prioritised for those that need them the most.

We have a wide range of controls, aligned to government guidelines, in place in each location to protect the health of our employees. In turn, this also protects the health of our customers and those visiting our outlets. To ensure these controls are appropriate and robust we liaise with local Command on a regular basis.

We continue to ask visitors to our sites to follow the appropriate CV-19 preventative measures as directed on site to protect themselves and others and are grateful to our customers around the world for their continued support during this period.

We would like to thank all our NAAFI teams who work tirelessly to maintain service to the Armed Forces wherever they need us, whether that is on board HM Ships or in far off locations such as Ascension Island, Falklands Islands, Gibraltar or Brunei. We would like to reassure our customers that we will continue to do our best so that the Armed Forces can continue to do what they do best.

Your NAAFI team