HM Ships

NAAFI’s Naval Canteen Service operates retail, hospitality, and wholesale services for the Royal Navy, including staffed canteens on many HM Ships.


Coffee Lounge

We opened our first coffee lounge on-board the Queen Elizabeth Carrier in 2021 and are looking forward to replicating the offer on board the Prince of Wales Carrier. This facility serves quality coffee, fresh orange juice and hot and cold snacks, with plenty of comfortable seating available to enjoy some down time with colleagues.


Canteen Services

We provide canteen services onboard all Type 23, Type 45, Carrier class and Albion class ships, serving ‘nutty and goffa’, commonly known as snacks and drinks! These provide a welcome morale boost and a break from the ship’s activities for those onboard.

We also supply essentials like snacks, sweet treats, and toiletries as well as a few luxury lines to help improve life on board. We also offer a number of bespoke branded items associated with the individual ships.


We offer a wholesale service for Royal Fleet Auxiliary vessels, submarines and smaller HM Ships, thus supporting the entire Royal Navy and RFA personnel worldwide.

Our Locations

NAAFI serves Forces communities both on land and at sea on board HM Ships. No location is too difficult to reach, and we are proud to operate in some of the world’s most remote places.

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HM Ships

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