Who We Are

NAAFI is the Ministry of Defence’s in house provider of catering, retail, leisure and soft facilities management services.

Our role is to support Forces communities by improving their quality of life wherever they are stationed.

We offer an ever-growing range of services and facilities; from retail stores selling popular British goods, to modern bars and coffee lounges where the community can socialise and unwind. Other NAAFI services and facilities include our famous mobile NAAFI Wagons that can be deployed quickly wherever and whenever needed. We also provide catering, cleaning and laundry services.

We currently operate in the UK, Ascension Island, Brunei, the Falkland Islands, Germany, Gibraltar and onboard HM Ships, providing convenience and a ‘taste of home’ to our British Armed Forces communities.

We are proud of our service and as a non-profit organisation, giving back is at the heart of all that we do. Every year we invest our surplus funds back into improving welfare for Armed Forces communities through contributions and updates to facilities.

In addition, our recently launched NAAFI Fund provides UK defence communities with the ability to invest in their own welfare projects.

NAAFI Careers

Working at NAAFI is a unique and rewarding experience. Whatever role you go for, you’ll join a supportive, tight-knit community united in its mission to give back to our Forces communities.

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