From retail to recreation, we provide vital services to Ministry of Defence locations to support UK Forces communities around the world.

Remote Locations Support

NAAFI has the capability to deploy exercise and operational support anywhere the Armed Forces need us around the world. This ensures that personnel serving even in the most challenging environments can access key welfare facilities and resources, experiencing a taste of home.

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Skilled labour and facilities management

We supply skilled labour and facility management to operations and can support exercise programmes with a variety of welfare, including mobile power solutions, wastewater removal and staff support.

Facilities Management

We offer a range of services to help ensure the facilities on Armed Forces bases are a pleasant and safe environment in which to work and live. From catering, cleaning and events management, to building accommodation, heating and lighting solutions from scratch, we are capable of it all. 

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Building and office cleaning

Our dedicated cleaning teams work to the highest standards to provide full building, office and window cleaning services to a range of Ministry of Defence buildings and offices.

Laundry services

In recent years, we have introduced an industrial laundry service which includes kit cleaning on exercise and operations.

Real life support

Whether on exercise or short-term deployments, NAAFI offers a range of support services from power generation and ablutions to marquees and pop-up retail to support the focus of the mission.

Hospitality and Events

Our popular pubs, cafes and leisure venues serve fantastic British food and drink and provide the ideal place to unwind in comfortable, modern surroundings. We also offer support to a range of events and functions.

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Iconic pubs

At our friendly pubs customers can enjoy cold draught beer and delicious food. Big TV screens also get the atmosphere going during live sporting events.

Coffee culture

Our popular NAAFI Lounges deliver a quality, UK-high street coffee experience all over the world. Skilled baristas brew quality coffee and serve a selection of soft drinks and tempting treats.


We offer a range of professional catering services, including private parties, military functions and even schools catering.

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Core catering

NAAFI is one of the Ministry of Defence’s core caterers. We have provided PAYD solutions from the very beginning and continue to manage volume catering from cookhouses to messes, schools, and functions. Our menus are regularly updated to stay ahead of nutritional guidelines and ensure they remain first choice for our service personnel.

Messing services

We operate and manage Messes for the Armed Forces including 5* dining with full function planning and delivery. Our network of skilled caterers can deliver a range of functions, from small personal parities to large functions or military events.

Schools catering

In select locations, we provide a school catering service offering healthy and nutritious meals to local service children and staff.

Mobile and Temporary Set-ups

Our variety of mobile solutions reach some of the most remote locations and toughest terrain.

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NAAFI Wagons

The NAAFI Wagon is our signature mobile service, offering snacks, hot food and essentials. We provide the service wherever and whenever needed, including barracks, married quarters and on remote exercises.

Pop-up facilities

Temporary facilities can be deployed at short notice across the world, delivering catering and retail services wherever required.


Our worldwide supply chain enables us to provide well-loved British products to even the most remote locations.

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NAAFI stores

We operate retail units worldwide serving the military community. This includes 24-hour vending and home delivery in some locations.

Going the extra mile

We work hard to deliver a taste of home by sourcing the products our customers want and need, whilst offering value for money and convenience.


Where we can, we provide access to duty-free goods, including Forces community exclusive offers.

Isolated Detachment Services

NAAFI offers wholesale and delivery support to many isolated detachments in Europe and further afield, providing a taste of home as well as items difficulty to source locally. If you are deployed in one of those locations and are struggling to get anything, please let us know and we’ll support.