Falkland Islands

NAAFI provides a range of facilities and services for the Forces community in the Falklands. Delivering resources to the remote South Atlantic archipelago is a major operation, with materials and equipment for recent refits being shipped 8,000 miles in 21 containers.


Gull & Penguin

This location is a hub of activity and underwent an extensive refurbishment in 2020, offering customers contemporary and comfortable surroundings to relax and socialise.

Its Lounge & Sports Bar is the perfect spot to enjoy our British pub or Chautari menus, a coffee, cold drink or to sit back and enjoy the football with friends.

The complex also keeps the Forces community entertained with its large cinema screen and bowling alley, with the large theatre available for special events and live music.

Dolphin Pub

Located near the single soldier accommodation, the Dolphin Pub serves this community with a convenient British Pub offer, with the usual large screen TVs, pool tables and regular live entertainment.

The Dolphin Diner is next door and serves the whole of MPC with a high quality, great value pizza offer.


Retail Outlets

We operate several retail outlets in the Falklands which include convenience stores in both the Gull & Penguin and the Dolphin, a families shop and a wholesale service located inside the bulk issue store.

Other Facilities

Our two NAAFI Wagons provide a daily mobile service around the Mount Pleasant Complex.

Our Locations

NAAFI serves Forces communities both on land and at sea on board HM Ships. No location is too difficult to reach, and we are proud to operate in some of the world’s most remote places.

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Falkland Islands



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