NAAFI launches sustainable fleet of Hoverwagons

We are delighted to unveil our brand-new fleet of Hoverwagons, which will soon be in operation around the world!

NAAFI Wagons have been a familiar sight for decades, bringing a taste of home and essential supplies to remote locations across the world.

While our Wagons will remain a cherished symbol of our past and future, the NAAFI Hoverwagons represent a bold, innovative leap forward in efficiency and reach.

The ground-breaking vessels with state-of-the-art technology will allow us to navigate challenges such as challenging terrain and limited road access, ensuring reliable delivery to all reaches of the world, including the beautiful atoll of Diego Garcia.

  • Capable of reaching speeds of up to 40 knots, reaching the world’s most remote locations
  • Ability to seamlessly transition between land and water, overcoming geographical barriers
  • Utilises the latest hybrid engine technology o minimise environmental impact
  • Plenty of storage space for taste of home essentials

Our fleet is set to hit the water on 1st April 2024. Keep your eyes on the oceans and waterways as there may be a NAAFI Hoverwagon heading your way! If you spot one, tag us @naafisocial.

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