NAAFI launches new online shopping platform

Today we’re unveiling our first ever online shopping platform. Launching on the back of NAAFI’s centenary year, the shop will sell a wide range of items; the star being our popular tea, which has not been available to buy online until now.

In launching the shop, our aim is to enable the wider defence community and veterans to have access to NAAFI products and give them the ability to support serving personnel in the process; all surpluses from sales will go back into supporting UK Armed Forces communities across the world, in line with our not-for-profit status.

On the site, customers will be able to buy products including NAAFI’s 100 Anniversary Blend, a unique black tea derived from our famous brew of the past that supported personnel deployed worldwide. We’re also showcasing our new NAAFI Collection range, which includes a traditional tea set and other heritage items.

Other products currently available include those from our ‘Friends of NAAFI’ initiative, a partnership with a range of creative businesses, people and veterans to bring new and exciting products to customers.

NAAFI’s Chief Executive Steve Marshall said:

“NAAFI are delighted to announce to the launch of our new online shopping platform. We aim to provide products all our Armed Forces, both past and present, will be familiar with and we will start with the reintroduction of the iconic NAAFI tea as a centenary blend. We look forward to adding more and more products and supporting veteran businesses.”

Deliveries are currently available to the UK mainland only and we’re exploring ways to widen delivery areas as soon as possible.

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